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 John McCain for Vice President  
In politics almost anything is possible ,I have no bad feelings against Dick Cheney,but in the interest of the party and the forthcoming elections,John McCain would be the best running mate for Bush not Kerry.DEAR PARTY MEMBERS,POOR DICK WILL NOT ONLY SPOIL THE OUTCOME OF THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS,BUT REMOTELY STANDS A CHANCE TO WIN THE PRESIDENCY IN 2008.THINK AHEAD THINK,THINK THINK AND ACT NOW.


Editor: I totally agree. We must think ahead - Cheney has done a great job, but McCain 2008 would beat any Democrat hopeful.

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 When is Enough, Enough?  
Dear Editor,

Teddy Rooselvelt sent the fleet off shore when Tripoli took an American hostage and told them "HIM" or else.....

What has happened to the RNC and where is President Bush's backbone...

Let's get with the program here:

1) CLOSE OUR BORDERS with the military


3) GET ON TV and TELL US WHY WE ARE WHERE WE ARE....OFTEN and CLEARLY without AH, UM, DA, and the rest of Bush 43's illitereate pauses...

GOOD GOD, let's start acting as Americans and stop appeasing the polls and the election.

RIGHT NOW, you don't have my vote.......

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President Bush, I am a 15 year-old from Arkansas. I believe you are one of the best presidents ever to reside in the White House. I thank you for your courage to stand by your beliefs and convictions no matter what the democrats or liberal news media try to do to you. I also thank you for bringing your Christian beliefs into your politics. We NEED a man of God like you in Washington. Keep a strong stand on the issues like abortion, cloning, and gay rights(marriages, etc.) You have SOOO much more support than the media tells America you do. I personally think that the war was just even if no WMDs are found---we liberated an entire country from an evil dictator that cared nothing about his people, only himself. God has truly blessed you and your family, as well as America by putting you in the White House. I am confident He will do it again in November. Thank you for all you have done. I pray for you almost every day, and I am confident you have almost every vote from the members of my church-----nearly 15,000. In the name of the Lord God Almighty who controls everything I say these words. Amen. A future Republican voter and Christian Evangelist or Pastor

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 The Blame Game  
Too often are the victims blamed for what happened to them; her skirt was too short, he had a big mouth, she had it coming, etc. Victims are never at fault, never ever.

We were all victims of 911 and the terrorists are the blame, period. We all have 20/20 when it comes to what we should have done, the Demos are only upset because they are not getting the attention and glory of getting the job done and are "back-seat" driving or arm chair supervising what "should" be done while our great President Bush is "getting the job done" by his faith and prayers.

We also must remember that we are preventing more 911s by acting now and not later. Yes, 600+ US soldiers have given the ultiment sacrifice and the Iraqis have had much more losses. If we had done nothing, more 911s may have happened and many, many more Iraqis would have been continued to be murdered and torchured.

The United States of America and Iraq are much more better off than that can be ever be imagined.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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 Kerry's Potential Choice of John McCain For VP  
I couldn't even find a Democratic address to email my opinion on this subject, so I thought at least I'd give your address a try, and hope that you won't be inclined to dismiss it, tho I am a Democrat. Frankly, to me, if John Kerry is going to offer the second spot on the national ticket up for election this fall to a Republican-granted, one who apparently is a good friend of his in the Senate-why should the Democrats even run as a party? And frankly, I'd rather see George Bush win re-election than to see the Democrats "attempt" bipartisanship by doing this. They are supposed to be the party of inclusion, so why not consider a black, a woman, but especially a Democrat for the second slot? I think -and I guess here I am starting to wander to another point, but I still hope you will read this, I need to vent-that it is about time the blacks in this country stop giving blank checks to the Democrats and start listening to Republicans that will at least attempt to reach out to them and consider their ideas. If the Democrats are so inclusive, then why has Walter Mondale been the only nominee of the party to put a woman on the major ticket? He had guts, and even tho he lost, I was proud of him. I think at least the Democrats should take a lesson from Ronald Reagan and stick to their principles, even if it is not popular. Or at least develop some principles that they used to have and stop blowing in the wind! Believe me, they are on the verge of losing my vote, and I don't mind saying so! I know this is not the kind of endorsement for a Republican that you would probably like, and I am not really endorsing Bush, but I myself have causes I deeply believe in, and if I have to vote for someone because I feel betrayed-as to me Kerry is doing by potentially offering the VP spot to McCain-then I will do so. After all, voting expresses our free opinions, and I am certainly free to change parties if I so choose. I would rather lose on principle than win by compromising excessively, and if it means I have to vote for someone else because I feel they were too compromising, so be it! Thanks for reading this, and I hope it made SOME sense at least. My name is Tara, I am a 42 year old married working woman, at this time a registered Democrat, but hey, who knows? Thanks again.

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 The American Mess  
Not even September 11th can bolster some support for the combat of terrorists at home and abroad. This week we saw coverage of the 60th Anniversary of D Day. How many high school students cared? I just graduated high school 2 weeks ago and I was moved by D Day ceremonies and President Reagan's passing. I look at our generation today and say that the patriotism of World War II no longer exists. It really does not. Instead, in the wake of a turbulent 3 years, young men and women my age (and even older) do not want to give up their cushy lifestyles. Now, I am appreciative of everything I receive. I am from a well to do family and everything I receive whether it's a gift or something I buy myself, well I treat it as a blessing. People in Iraq for instance have nothing. Now, if the representative from my home state of New York, Charlie Rangel wants to bring back the draft, let him. They will be debating this for years. And if they do bring back a draft, the worst part is basic training for six months. Men are no longer men and women are no longer women. We need some balance and maybe a draft is the right answer. Let millions of young Americans protest. I intend to go to the armed forces if I must. But, I don't expect that anytime soon. People say John Kerry is the answer, well, he's hinting towards bringing a draft back. Really, George W. and John K. have no real answer to the current situations. Yet, I am a staunch Bush supporter and I will vote for him. I feel safe with him in office and I appreciate all of his work. I understand that being patriotic and loyal to your faith is deemed uncool in today's society. Well, I don't follow any trends. I am cynical, really. I am 17, Catholic, pro life, pro Bush and Republican.
God Bless America
Bob, prospective Political Science Major

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 What a change!!  
I grew up thinking that because my family was Democrat then I was also Democrat. As a single mom of 30, I started paying attention to politics and our nation. I soon realized that I was in fact a Republican. What an astounding understanding. My Father, who wasn't able to raise me the way a father should due to mental illness would, over the years, drop hints that I should change my political views, while my mother who had been a democrat all her life would argue with the television. I chose to shut it all out and ignore my great country and the privilege I had as a citizen of these Great United States of America. Through out my entire family tree, I had men that served these Great United States of America. In every war, from as far back as WWI, I had a relative willing to give to his nation. As my father passed away in 2001 I realized that the ideals of the Republican Party were my ideals. I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and the moral standards that we as Christians must adhear to. I fell in love with our President George W. Bush, and I fell in love with America. For the first time in my life, I understood the sacrifices that were made to keep me and my family FREE!!! And what an awesome responsibility it is to be a citizen of these Great United States of America. The passing of a Great Man to all Americans, President Ronald Reagan, has given me greater resolve to support our President, and to LET FREEDOM REIGN in America. Thanks be to God, through my prayer and change of heart my mother has now also changed her views and become what God always intended her to be a Republican!! To those who oppose this War on Terror and the resolve to protect, defend, and help all those that are oppressed by terror, to them I say... Pray that you are never in an oppressive situation where your Freedom and Liberty are taken away. March on President Bush, March on... there are 2 women in Kentucky that support and pray for you with every passing day..

Kensyl and LynnAnn Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

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A lot of people think the 26 nations envolved with Iraq is not a worldwide effort. Let them know that in the Korean Conflict there were only 30 nations with troops envolved. 4 million Koreans were killed, 1 million Chinese and 400,000 Collition troops lost thier lives. (55,000 Americans) I belive Presedent Bush has achieved great success. World Peace and stability has never been easy. Thank all of those who have gave the ultimate sacrifice for our basic freedoms.

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I am a registered Republican, however I have some questions following:
Why do most folks, when they become successful, become CONSERVATIVES?
Why do most folks, when they learn to speak proper English, become CONSERVATIVES?
Why are most ambitious and motivated folks CONSERVATIVES?
Why are more LIBERAL public officials "caught with their hand in the till" than CONSERVATIVES?
Why are CONSERVATIVE gatherings so much better dressed than LIBERAL?
Why are LIBERALS for higher taxes? Could it be that most don't pay any taxes?
Why are so many LIBERALS on the "dole"?
Why are so many government employees LIBERALS?
Why are so many public school teachers LIBERALS?
Why do we find so many social problems where we find LIBERALS?
Why do we find so many CONSERVATIVES in quite, peaceful neighborhoods?
Why are virtually all "rappers" LIBERALS?
Why are so many LIBERAL politicians so anti-American?
Why are LIBERAL politicians so shrill and antagonistic? Could it be that their constituents do not react as expected to normal behavior?


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 President Bush and the Media  
I support President Bush one 100%. His leadership, how he stays focus on National and International issues, his patriotism. What really disgusts me is the hate that the news media shows. How hypocritical! Blaming and pointing fingers to the government and it's policies. Going overboard with the pictures of the prisoners in Iraq, hypocrites why wasn't the picture of the beheading shown? The polls that show the Democratic contender ahead, I like to know where are this polls been taken at, because I'm sure that there are a lot of people like me who has never taken part in a poll and our Vote would go to President Bush. I do not believe in polls. I listening to the news from conservative news media. I am sick and tired of the hatred and disgrace that they (news media) brings to the country and how they make us look before the whole world. I am sure that the terrorists love it! And you know I'd rather see us fighting the terrorist in their countri! es than in our country. Further more I'm a single parent I raised three children on my own and I point out to them the Hate and how the left media wants to brain wash us. Go Mr. President! We are with you! GC; CHICAGO, IL

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 The Immoral Party  
Our nation must remain as "ONE NATION UNDER GOD", with moral and christian principles that founded this country. The Democratic Party has become the immoral party in our nation. They support abortion rights to murder thousands of unborn babies, they believe in gay rights such as marriage between same sex couples. This is totally against God's law and very immoral, not only is it against God's law but it destroys family values as well. Marriage was saction by God between one man and one woman. God help our nation if we Americans allow a far-out liberal like John Kerry to become president of our nation. In the Holy Bible in proverbs 14:34, it states "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people". We must return to our christian hertiage and moral values in this country if we as a nation are going to survive and be blessed by our God that our nation will be strong and properous as a people. The immoral party wants to seperate church from state, for they already have destroyed the viewing and placement of the Ten Commandments, which we received from God our common law to live by. They have become a party of liberalism and socialism, along with having the Communist party supporting them this year to get rid of our president, who is a very righteous and moral man who seeks our God and giving him guidance for leading our nation in the right paths. We should be praying for Him and our nation instead of running Him down. If we trust in God like our money reads, He will make a way of escape for us in this time of trouble. May God truly bless our president and our nation once again!

A faithful patroit


As a Catholic with strong pro life convictions I understand what your saying bit I must disagree. Our country has strong Christian roots but our government does not and should not. Our Constitution recognizes freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Starting from the Pilgrims, America became a land where many immigrants came to seek freedom from governments that interfered in their faith. Even today many of the immigrants from former Soviet Republics that have recently moved to America are evangelists who were finally free to move to a land that does not sanction them for their faith. For our government to openly adopt or reflect Christian law would infringe on the rights of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and people of other faiths that have as much a right to live here as you or I. The Democrats do have problems, and yes they could be called immoral in the ways you mentioned, Kerry doesn't support gay marriage though. As a resident of Massachusetts I have seen gay marriage in action, and it does not even have much support here, but it also hasnít caused much upheavel. There's no tried method to make a gay person stop being gay, and there's fewer reasons to prevent them from getting legal rights. In two years we'll have our chance to vote on it, long overdue, but by then it will be evident what damage it has or has not done. There is a very big difference between liberalism and socialism and the Democrats certainly do not embrace the latter. And there is an even larger gap between socialism and communism believe it or not but that's not as important.

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