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 2016: Make It Happen  
You want to put world respect back into this country and world enemy fear back into America then you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN IN 2016 !!!!!!!!!!! What could be better the man the seated president wanted to destroy and make him a scapegoat for his own good and more importantly his parties sake the DEMO's. But this man X-Senator Hagel saw right thru their deception you must restore the peoples faith back into America by insisting Mr. Hagel and Mr. Senator McCain to come together and run as one in 2016 who can do this better than these two American VN war hero's real American hero's in every sense of the word.

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 From a Goldwater Republican  
I'm a Goldwater republican and will not vote for a democrat! But...I won't vote for another Bush either. The first one ran such a poor re-election campaign that Clinton nailed him and the second was in way over his head. Romney was a class act that blew it because of the "stupidity" of Americans. NO JEB BUSH!

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 Election 2014 Review  
Congratulations Republicans. You now control the House and the Senate. If you believe your stunning victory was due to your position on birth control or abortion or not raising the taxes on the rich or by balancing the budget by cutting taxes and cutting spending I have some ocean front property in Utah at a very reasonable price I will sell you. No the only reason you won was because the majority of independents and some of the Democrats were fed up with the Obama administration. Obamacare did not turn out the way it had been sold to them, they were fed up with this administrations dealings in the Mid-East and Ebola and they were fed up with the Democratic controlled Senate supporting this administration. You had better be very, very careful these next two years. My Democrat wife has already attempted to inter into a bet with me that you, the National Republican Party, will introduce bills that trample on womenís rights, will introduce a bill on immigration that includes amnesty, cutting taxes and never create a balance budget or any budget. My wife is convinced you will screw up so bad that in 2016 the Democrats will take control of both house and the Presidency.

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 Bush and Clinton  
We are a conservative voting family. We voted for George Bush and his father. They served for 12 years. Bill Clinton served for 8 years. If Hillary were to win that would mean two families would have totaled 20 years as president. We would not support Jeb as a candidate. Jeb's leadership supporting and encouraging Common Core was , in my opinion , a gigantic mistake. We need a new leader in the Republican Party, if we hope to win.

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I can no longer support it. The only group that seems to have benefited is planned parenthood. It seems that they allow planned parenthood to lead the nations healthcare. That is very scary.

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I was going to ask one last time a question about illegal immigration. I've worked with several immigrants and asked them why they come to the US illegally. The answer is they need help from the Peoples of the US. Mexico has an abundant source of natural resources, a large amount of educated individuals and an established County that exceeds the founding of the USA., but for over several generations the good Peoples of Mexico have had to live under a massive scale of corruption. The US has bombed other Countries with less corruption than Mexico. Yet the US will not help the Mexicans retain there freedoms in there own county. Mexicans would gladly like to have the same rights as Americans, The rights to a fair and livable wage, rights to own property, (homes, land) right to freely worship, right to a higher education. and so on. If the American peoples would just help, Mexico would be as prosperous as the USA.

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Everyone I talk to thinks ALL the politicians in Washington need to go!!! Our Gov. Has turned into a self serving bunch of Crooks,all they do is steal and take vacations.I will never vote for an incumbent or a slimy lawyer!!! OUT!OUT!OUT is my battle song!!!

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I am a registered Republican, however I have some questions following:
Why do most folks, when they become successful, become CONSERVATIVES?
Why do most folks, when they learn to speak proper English, become CONSERVATIVES?
Why are most ambitious and motivated folks CONSERVATIVES?
Why are more LIBERAL public officials "caught with their hand in the till" than CONSERVATIVES?
Why are CONSERVATIVE gatherings so much better dressed than LIBERAL?
Why are LIBERALS for higher taxes? Could it be that most don't pay any taxes?
Why are so many LIBERALS on the "dole"?
Why are so many government employees LIBERALS?
Why are so many public school teachers LIBERALS?
Why do we find so many social problems where we find LIBERALS?
Why do we find so many CONSERVATIVES in quite, peaceful neighborhoods?
Why are virtually all "rappers" LIBERALS?
Why are so many LIBERAL politicians so anti-American?
Why are LIBERAL politicians so shrill and antagonistic? Could it be that their constituents do not react as expected to normal behavior?


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Why is the Republican Party not speaking out on building desalination plants? This would give us unlimited water on demand.

Instead the Democrats are pushing Propositions 1 & 2 which do not solve the supply problem of Water. According to all of the experts, our storage facilities are at there lowest levels ever and would require at least 3 years of above average rainfall to reach pre-drought levels.

On a National level, why have we not set up a network of pipelines that take water from flood zones and bring that excess water to the Southwest part of the country. This system could well pay for itself by limiting the number of natural disasters that affect much of the Country especially in areas that feed the Mississippi. It would certainly help unemployment.

We already pipe oil from Alaska, natural gas all over the Country, and the power companies have grids. Is water any less important?

California feeds half of the Country. Crops are being destroyed or not planted. Experts tell us our reserves will be gone in about a year. Will California become the new dust bowl?

This should be a non-partisan issue and I for one, being a registered Republican, would like to see our party out in front on such an important issue.
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 The Immoral Party  
Our nation must remain as "ONE NATION UNDER GOD", with moral and christian principles that founded this country. The Democratic Party has become the immoral party in our nation. They support abortion rights to murder thousands of unborn babies, they believe in gay rights such as marriage between same sex couples. This is totally against God's law and very immoral, not only is it against God's law but it destroys family values as well. Marriage was saction by God between one man and one woman. God help our nation if we Americans allow a far-out liberal like John Kerry to become president of our nation. In the Holy Bible in proverbs 14:34, it states "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people". We must return to our christian hertiage and moral values in this country if we as a nation are going to survive and be blessed by our God that our nation will be strong and properous as a people. The immoral party wants to seperate church from state, for they already have destroyed the viewing and placement of the Ten Commandments, which we received from God our common law to live by. They have become a party of liberalism and socialism, along with having the Communist party supporting them this year to get rid of our president, who is a very righteous and moral man who seeks our God and giving him guidance for leading our nation in the right paths. We should be praying for Him and our nation instead of running Him down. If we trust in God like our money reads, He will make a way of escape for us in this time of trouble. May God truly bless our president and our nation once again!

A faithful patroit


As a Catholic with strong pro life convictions I understand what your saying bit I must disagree. Our country has strong Christian roots but our government does not and should not. Our Constitution recognizes freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Starting from the Pilgrims, America became a land where many immigrants came to seek freedom from governments that interfered in their faith. Even today many of the immigrants from former Soviet Republics that have recently moved to America are evangelists who were finally free to move to a land that does not sanction them for their faith. For our government to openly adopt or reflect Christian law would infringe on the rights of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and people of other faiths that have as much a right to live here as you or I. The Democrats do have problems, and yes they could be called immoral in the ways you mentioned, Kerry doesn't support gay marriage though. As a resident of Massachusetts I have seen gay marriage in action, and it does not even have much support here, but it also hasnít caused much upheavel. There's no tried method to make a gay person stop being gay, and there's fewer reasons to prevent them from getting legal rights. In two years we'll have our chance to vote on it, long overdue, but by then it will be evident what damage it has or has not done. There is a very big difference between liberalism and socialism and the Democrats certainly do not embrace the latter. And there is an even larger gap between socialism and communism believe it or not but that's not as important.

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